Watermelon Cooler( Watermelon-ginger Lemonade)

During the summer, our body loses water through perspiration. So, it is imperative to keep the body hydrated. Ensure to drink several liters of water, fresh juices, which can keep your body cool along with some pumping essential nutrients.Drink these healthy beverages to stay cool and balanced during the hot summer months.

4 cups fresh watermelon  
1 cm fresh ginger, grated 
1 lemon  
rock salt/black salt: one pinch
·         Peel and cut watermelon, lemon and ginger into chunks that will fit into you juicer
 ( or you can seed them and throw them into blender)
·         Make sure all of the skin and seeds are gone
·         Put them all through the juicer
·         Pour in a glass with ice cubes and enjoy chilled.

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