Vermicelli (Sevia) Upma

Take a break from regular rawa upma and try out this wonderful twist for a change.I am sure everyone is going to love this quick and easy recipe for snack or breakfast.Vermicelli is also known by other names like Sevia, Seviya, Semiya, Sevai.Makes 4 ServingsDSC_0160Ingredients :200 gm Roasted Vermicelli(preferable)
1 carrot
1 capsicum
5-6 french beans
1/2 cup fresh sweet corn
green peas
Curry leaves
3-4 tbsp. Refined oil(u can use olive oil also if u want)
Salt to taste
cumin seeds
mustered seeds
Red chilli Powder
2-3 green chilli
half a limeDSC_0158e
Instructions :

First cut all the veggies according to your preference (i have cut all the veggies finely,so that it will cook quickly).

DSC_0151   Meanwhile roast the Vermicelli till it turns light golden.(if you are using roast vermicelli just skip this and boil directly).

Then boil the vermicelli with adding water and a pinch of salt.Strain the vermicelli and keep aside.After that you need to fry the veggies.
In a pan you need to put oil,add little cumin seed,then mustered seed(remember cumin and mustered seed ratio should be 1:2),then add curry leave,green chillies and add the boiled vermicelli.
After 1-2 mins add all the fried veggies and then add little bit red chilli powder and lemon juice to it,mix all the ingredients properly.if required u can add extra salt according to your taste.
U can have this with tomato or any other favorite sauce or tomato Chutney or just plain old pickle of your choice…
Have Fun nd Njoy cooking 🙂

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