Soya Cutlets/Soya Fritters

Monsoon has arrived and so has our appetite for lip smacking street food.So instead of heading to road side stalls I decided to make it at home.And as you all know I am a vegetarian so decided to try something different which we both(Me and my hubby) can enjoy at the same time.Considering the health benefits and protein factor I always try to include soya in my diet quite often.And this time decided to go for this easy and delicious soya cutlate/fritter recipe.The best part is the cutlates tastes almost like meat cutlate.So what are you waiting for grab a packet of soya chunks and try this easy and yummy recipe as soon as possible.

Lets proceed to the step by step pictorial presentation……….

Ingredients :
Soya chunks : 1 cup
Onion : medium sized, finely chopped
Ginger:1 inch(finely chopped)
Garlic : 4-5 Pods(finely chopped)
Handful of freshly chopped coriander leafs
Green chilies :4-5 or as per tolerance
Freshly prepared garam masala powder
Potato :1 medium sized, boiled and mashed
Salt to taste
cumin seeds/zeera seeds:1/2 teaspoon
red chili powder:1 teaspoon
coriander powder:1 teaspoon
corn flour:2 tbsp
Breadcrumbs : 1 cup
refined /olive Oil : 1/2 cup (for deep frying )


1.Boil the soya chunks with pinch of salt.Let it cool.Once it cools just mash it.

2.Meanwhile boil the potato with pinch of salt.Let it cool.Once it cools just mash it.

3.Now mix the mashes soya bean and potato and add dry spices and salt(coriander,chilli powder,garam masala),green chillis and chopped coriander.

3. Take a pan and heat oil.Add cumin seeds.Let the cumin seed crackle.Now add the chopped ginger,garlic and saute for a minute.Now add the chopped onion , saute it till it changes the color to light brown.

4.Now add the potato-soy bean mixture and stir until the mixture is well combined with onion-ginger-garlic mixture. Check the seasoning, add salt or chilies if needed. Turn off the gas, now filling is ready.

5. Divide the aloo mixture into equal balls, give them shape like a cylinder, disk or oval and stuff it with the soya  mixture.

6. In a small bowl, mix the corn flour with water ,little salt,and on an another flat dish, spread the breadcrumbs.

7. Shape the cutlets and then dip into the corn flour mixture, then roll it on the breadcrumbs until it gets a nice coat all over it. Do the same process for the rest of the cutlets .

8. Now take a deep frying pan, add oil and heat it up. Once oil is ready, deep fry the cutlets in two batches on medium-high heat until they are evenly golden brown on both sides.

9. Take out them from oil and place it on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

10.Serve hot with green chutney or tomato ketchup or with your choice of dip.Or even you can have it with puffed rice(muri)like I prefer.

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