Sondesh..a famous delicacy from Bengal

Sondesh/Sandesh needs no introduction for Bengali’s!It’s a very popular delicacy from Bengal.In Bengali we pronounce it”Sondesh”.We have huge variety of Sondesh with different flavors.After returning from Kolkata I am badly missing everything and specially the sweets.Thus decided to make Sondesh again.Earlier also I have shared sondesh recipe many times.However this time I have a reason to make it.Want to know what’s that??Earlier I don’t have sondesh molds but in my recent visit to my hometown I shopped wooden sondesh molds and I am literally dying to try them.After hunting a lot of shops in Kolkata finally I ordered them in a local sweet shop(nearby my house).I was very much desperate and almost I asked everyone about it(from where to get those molds).And the best part is after knowing this my Nani(Maternal Grand mom) gave me her precious old terracotta sondesh molds(the black coloured one) which she has been using for sondesh making(which is maybe 20-30years aged). My grandfather searched a lot and finally managed to found them.Well I must say I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful grandparents. 🙂

Now coming to the recipe ,These Gur er Sondesh/sandesh/cottege cheese fudge are super soft and melts in mouth with a hint of jageery. It took me about an hour to make.

” Gurer Sonesh “is a winter delicacy however you can make it anytime like me if you have  Patali Gur* .Mom gave me patahli gur and I decided to go for gurer sondesh once again.

*Patali Gur is sugar extracted from the sap of date palm trees. It’s darker in color and richer in flavor.Generally it’s available during winter season.But nowadays it’s available throughout the year, however the it tastes much better during winters(because of its freshness).

So lets have a look at the recipe with step by step pictures…….

Full fat milk: 2 liters
Juice of 3-4 lemon(or vinegar can be used)
Powdered sugar: 2 tbsp
Grated jaggery/Patali gur: 1/2 cup(nolen gur can be used)
green cardamon:3-4 pods(or 1/2 tsp cardamon powder)

The first step is making the cottage cheese/chena.

Please check the below link for the cottage cheese making:

Take the chena in a flat plate (Once the excess water is completely drain out from chena).

And start kneading  the chena with your hand or you can even use hand blender/mixer for this.

Once it become smooth add powdered sugar and knned again.

Take a non-stick pan and place it on very low heat and add the kneded chena.Now add the grated jaggery to it and mix properly till the jaggery melts in.

Keep stirring till the chena becomes little dry.It may takes few minutes depends on the amount of jaggery and sugar used.

Switch off the flame and let it cool for few minutes.It will harden as it cools.

You can enjoy this as it is.Like “Maka Sondesh”((makha = kneaded) or else you can shape them too.

If you are using mold then brush the mold with little ghee (clarified butter) and then shape them and keep in in refrigerator for about 30 minutes.
Or else if you don’t have sondesh mold then you can shape them like small balls using your hands just like kanchagolla (kancha = raw; golla = ball).

Lastly you can garnish the Sondesh with saffron or grated dry fruits of your choice.(It’s completely optional,you can use grated pistachios,almond,cashew or even kissmis).

Serve then the way you either cold or at room temperature.

Note:You can replace cottage cheese/chena with ricotta cheese  also.

And wish every one a very happy Bengali New Year/Shubho Noboborsho’r priti o shubheccha!

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