Pomegranate smoothie

Start your hot Summer day in a healthy and nutritious way with this refreshing  Pomegranate smoothie.
Pomegranate smoothie

Earlier in some of my post I  have mentioned many times that I am trying to drink more juices and smoothie to beat the Summer heat and keep myself hydrated.So I was searching for some new and  good smoothie recipe and suddenly found one good recipe but I have modified the original recipe.The combination of two different fruit with yogurt results a delightful smoothie. The sweetness of banana perfectly complements the tartness of pomegranate and the best part is you can easily  prepare it  also.

Pomegranate smoothie
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Pomegranate smoothie

This healthy pomegranate smoothie is rich and creamy in texture and very easy to prepare  and most importantly it’s loaded with vitamin C,carbohydrate. I prefer fresh pomegranate juice rather than using the the store bought one. Freshly squeezed juice has greater nutritional value.The best part is if you are on diet you can try this too because it’s healthy as well as tasty.
So here is the tasty smoothie recipe (which I tried this weekend) with step by step pictures…..

Pomegranate smoothie

1 cup pomegranate juice
2 banana
1/2 cup yogurt/dahi
Mint leaves and pomegranate arils (the juicy pods that include the seeds) for garnish
1 tsp cinnamon powder(optional)
Add ice to chill if desired

Pomegranate juice

Put the pomegranate in a juicer/blender,blend until smooth with the help of a strainer ,strain the seeds and smash them with a spoon. Make sure you place a metal bowl under the strainer. Pomegranate juice stains, so be careful!

Pomegranate juice
Straining the juice

Note:Pomegranate seeds can be bit difficult to puree even in a high-end blender.So straining is necessary.
Now put the pomegranate juice,bananas,yogurt,vanilla essence and few ice cubes  in a juicer and blend until smooth.

The seeds and waste residue
  • In a blender add banana,ice cubes,yogurt,pomegranate juice and cinnamon powder and blend until smooth.
All ingredients goes to the juicer


I have not added any extra sugar because the sweetness comes from banana itself. But if you want you can add sugar or even honey.
If you are on diet just replace the yogurt with low fat one.
The smoothie
  • Pour in a glass and garnish with pomegranate arils and mint leaves.
The smoothie is ready
Enjoying the smoothie 🙂
  • Serve chilled.

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