Misthi Doi(Sweet Yogurt) on the Occasion of Bengali New Year

শুভ নববর্ষের প্রীতি,শুভেচ্ছা ও অভিনন্দন !!Wish you all a very Happy Bengali New Year/Subho Noboborsho!!!

Bengali’s are always defined as ‘Khaddo-rosik Bangali'(Food lover or Foodie).And any special occasion or our festivals are incomplete without good food.Thus I decided to treat us with a special meal on the auspicious occasion of Bengali’s New Year(Noboborsho).And I have prepared an exotic meal for two of us which include Kolkata style mutton Biriyani,mutton curry,onion raita,salad followed by homemade sondesh(sweets) and Misthi doi(sweet yogurt).As a result I was quite busy and could not blog this Misthi doi recipe which I decided to blog on yesterday.Stay tuned for the upcoming post which includes Kolkata style Biriyani and more…

Now coming to the Mishti doi…Mishti doi is a sweet yogurt which is prepared with thickened milk and caramelized sugar.It’s a very popular dessert in Bengal.Any Bengali occasions and celebrations are incomplete with out serving Misthi doi.And it’s readily available in almost all the sweet shops in every corner of the city.That’s why no one prepares it at home.However here in Hyderabad it’s rarely available in one or two Bengali shops.And If you want to buy it then you need to order it in a large quantity one or two days before.So I decided to try it at home two days before Poila/Pohela Boisakh( The first day of the Bengali calendar).Due to caramelization/caramelisation of sugar it’s reddish in colour.Generally the colour is light but I have caramelized the sugar a bit more and as a result my misthi doi is little dark in colour.However the taste is same.But it’s totally depends on you how you want it dark or light coloured.Generally it’s served in earthen pot which smell gives the actual feel to the desert.But if you don’t have earthen pot then you can use ceramic pots too.

To give a Traditional Bengali feel I decided to keep a Hath Pakha(Indian Hand fan which is made of Shaal leaf ) while serving the dish.And here I really need to thank my creative husband without whom my blogging journey wouldn’t be possible.The beautiful fan/ Hath Pakha is handcrafted by him.
So lets start the recipe with step by step pictures…….


Full cream milk – 1 liter
Green cardamom – 2
Yogurt (Dahi): 2 tablespoon
Sugar -8 tablespoon

Pour the milk in non stick  pan on medium heat and allow the milk to  boil.

As it starts boiling add 4 tablespoons of sugar and keep on simmering till the volume is reduced to little less than half.

Meanwhile  take the remaining sugar and heat till the sugar caramelize(melts) and attains a golden brown color.

Gradually add the molten sugar mixture over the milk and let it boil.

Switch off the flame and let it become lukewarm.
Now add 2tablespoon of yogurt and mix properly.

Pour this mixture over the earthen pot or ceramic pot.
Keep the pot in a cool dry place, and let the yogurt set at least for 6-7 hours or over night.

Once set refrigerate it .

Serve chilled

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  1. I love mishti doi!! Your’s looks so inviting!

    1. Priyam says:

      Thanks Freda!Good to know that you like Misthi doi too. 🙂 Maybe you could give it a try sometime..

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