Mango Mousse Mini Tarts/tartlets

Mango season has almost over and I realized that I haven’t done a single recipe post yet. So before all the mango finishes off I have decided to do something special.And finally tried this delectable mango mousse tartlets.The sweet,crispy and buttery tartlets filled with creamy and fruity mango mousse makes each bite of this dessert a complete delight.Instead of making a whole tart I decided to go for bite size mini tarts/tartlets which is easy to serve.And If you are calorie conscious then you can just have one or two and in this way you can count on the calories too. 🙂
So lets start the recipe…

For the mini tart shell/tartlet shell click the link:

For the Mango Mousse Filling:
2 cups mango puree (Fresh)(for best results use Alphonso mango)
2 cups heavy whipping cream,
2 tbsp sugar (depends on the sweetness of the mango)
2 1/4 tsp agar-agar powder soaked in 4 tbsp water (or 4 tsp gelatin)
1/2 of mango -diced into small pieces (for garnishing)
Few fresh Mint leaves(For garnishing)

Whip the heavy cream on low speed until it forms soft peaks.

Add the sugar and continue whipping on low speed to dissolve the sugar.

Add agar agar to warm water. (or Soak the agar agar in warm water until you achieve an almost clear solution.)

Cool down the mixture.
Stir in the agar-agar solution into the mango puree. Fold in whipped cream to obtain a creamy pale-orange mango mousse.

Fill the tartlets with mango mousse and garnish with chopped mango pieces and mint leaf.

Let the mouse set for 2-3 hours in a refrigerator.

Once the mousse sets completely serve the tartlets.

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