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Looking  for some decorating ideas for your new home or want to give an instant makeover to your existing  home ???We all want a beautiful home Right???But hiring a professional interior designer  is quite expensive.Well I have a solution  perhaps that can help you while decorating your dream home within a budget.
The Living room……
The Nameplate…
I am not a Professional  Interior designer but while decorating our apartment I learnt a lot about home decoration and at that time no one was there to guide me.After visiting my house most of my friends asked me to give some tips about home decor.So I decided to share my thoughts along with my home pictures( as reference),hoping that it might help you. 🙂
The Living room……
                             It’s been more than a year since we moved to our new apartment.It’s a 2BHK 1210sft Flat in Hyderabad.We purchased the apartment on Dec 2014 .The journey was awesome.Looking back, I cannot tell you exactly when the concrete house truly became home!!!!It feels as if the year has flown by—Right from searching the apartment,buying house then shifting to the new place,unpacking and slowly decorating the house…indeed it’s a wonderful journey,

Here I want to share few key elements (or rather tips)which will help you to decorate/redecorate you home/apartment.But I would advice before you start plan properly.

The Living room......
The Living room……

5 most important Key elements of Decoration is:

  • Flooring plays an important part.I decide to stick to the classic Marbel Floor.I guess the light-coloured floor perfectly complements my dark  furniture’s.
  • Marble floors and marble tile decor refine the interior and give your home a classic feel .
  • Addition of some Rugs and carpet not only warms up the space but also adds some texture and colours to your room and transforms it instantly.

Before you pick any colour just make sure that you’ve picked a right colour.Because choosing the right colors is the most important part  while decorating your home.Colour can be used to create illusion (like light and dark, warm and cool combination). Here I have painted  my three walls beige which is a neutral colour along with one contrasting warm yellow wall. Generally, yellow is considered as  happy and uplifting color. It’s  Associated with happiness, creation, and creativity (when it’s used moderately).It works well in combination with lots of natural light and create a peaceful environment.



  • Don’t forget to hang some wall hangings because it’s adds an element to your walls.
  • It can be art prints/paintings /posters/artworks/photos anything.Here I have created a a photo wall of our wedding photos.I also collected some artworks from various part of India.


Curtains plays an essential role in home decor.First you should paint your walls then go for curtain shopping.Choose wisely because it’s bit tricky job.
You can opt for two layered curtains like me.  One is thick and the other one is semi-transparent, sheer material.It took 3 whole days for me to choose,select and complete my curtain shopping.After that again I shopped for sheer curtains which is from Delhi.


The proper lighting can make a big difference and completely transforms your home.Whether it’s LED/wall lights, floor lights/table lamps/pendant lights / chandeliers or some other kind of lighting you just need to choose wisely and invest in proper place.


Falls Ceiling..
If you are looking for makeover or redesigning your home without spending much you can re arrange your furniture,add some decorative cushions,add some texture to your room,paint the old furniture.
The best advice I can give you is don’t try to decorate everything at once.Decorate slowly if you are trying to save money.
View of our Dinning room from kitchen counter………
My favorite shelf…

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