Holi Thandai

 Wish You all a very Happy and colourful holi…

Holi is the festival of color and drinking Thandai is an integral part of Holi celebration.The tradition of thandai is particularly prevalent in North India.

Thandai is a cooling drink usually made of Milk, sugar, dry fuits ,seeds of watermelon/muskmelon, and with few dry spices and saffron and dry rose petals.Thandai is embedded with the tradition of Holi.

After playing Holi when people become a little exhausted a glass of Thandai offers instant energy and sets the mood for playing with color.  During holi, some people add cannabis leaves and bud (which is known as “bhang”) to the thandai. It makes the drink a bit intoxicating.Bhang thandai is used as a mood setter for the festival of Holi.

 This year me and my husband both wanted to drink thandai which is the integral part of holi celebration.And I made this before a day so than we can enjoy it on that day after playing holi with friends.

¼ cup  almonds, blanched
¼ cup pistachios, blanched
¼ cup poppy seeds/khus khus – soak in water for 1 hour
¼ cup cashews, blanched
¼ cup melon seeds, blanched
½ tsp. cinnamon powder
8-10 black pepper corns
20-25 dry rose petals
6 ¹/3 cups milk
1¾ cup sugar
¹/8 tsp. whole saffron
8-10 green cardamoms


  • Heat sugar and milk. Add saffron when sugar dissolves in milk. Turn off the flame.
  • Combine almonds, pistachios, soaked poppy seeds, cashews, melon seeds, rose petals and a little milk to make a paste.
  • Combine cinnamon, cardamom and pepper and grind to a powder. Add this powder to the paste.
  • Mix the paste with a little milk, then add it all to the remaining milk.
  • Garnish with chopped dry fruits,few saffron strands and dry rose petals and Serve cold.

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