Eggless Chocolate Mousse with a hint of Coffee

The creamy,luscious,rich eggless chocolate mousse is Valentine’s special recipe.And obviously I am too late, to be precise 1week late .As you know it’s not always possible for me to post the recipe on time like others does.Sorry for the bad excuses. 😛

Cerebrating Valentine’s day at the age of 31 sounds silly and stupid for few people. May be Valentine’s day is not a big deal for you.(Whatever may be the excuse is!!!). But for me it’s equally important as Father’s day or Mother’s day.I know you must be thinking she is married then why she need to celebrate like a teenager or a college goer.It’s waste of money,time,fake excuse to express love and people shouldn’t show off their love in public etc etc.Right???Well yes it’s just another day and we can celebrate love 365 days.However we won’t.When it’s comes to a special day then only we realize how special actually that person is!!!And sometimes we need to express what we actually feels towards our loved one’s by doing little special things.It could be anything may be buying some cake or chocolate or buying bunch of her favorite flowers or making a special dish for her/him etc. I feel this small small gestures can actually strengthen the relationship.And celebrating the day of love doesn’t harm the society,Right??

Red roses always makes me happy….

Ok enough lets not talk more about this.And without further ado lets jump into the recipe…

Valentine’s Day is a day to express love and chocolate is the best way to convey your feelings.So decided to go for “Chocolate mousse” .The mousse is extremely rich and creamy in texture and the melted dark chocolate layer makes it’s extra special.This recipe is purely vegetarian,which contains no eggs and no gelatin.I love chocolate mousse but I just can’t bare the smell of raw egg.So decided to prepared it without eggs.It’s very quick and easy to make which hardly takes 10-15minutes to prepare.(apart from the melting chocolate part)
So here is my version of “Eggless chocolate mousse with a hint of coffee”…

1 cup/100 gm-chilled Low fat Fresh cream(Amul Fresh Cream)
80 gm-chopped milk chocolate/chocolte chips
100 gm-chopped Dark chocolate
2 tablespoon-Brewed coffee
2 tablespoon-coco powder(For garnishing)
2 tablespoon-Grated white chocolate(For garnishing)
Few Almonds(For garnishing)


1.Chop the milk chocolate into small pieces and melt this using double boiler method*.

*Double boiler method:
Put the grated chocolate in a heat proof glass bowl and keep aside.
Now take a saucepan filed with water and put it over medium heat .On the top of it put the bowl which contains chocolate.Makesure the bottom of the bowl shouldn’t touch the water.
Keep stirring the chocolate till its melts.

Once it’s completely melts remove from heat.

2.Using same method melt the dark chocolate too.
3.While melting the chocolates add coffee to it and mix.
4.Meanwhile in another bowl take the chilled fresh cream and using mechanical beater whip the cream until it gets light and fluffy.
Note:The chocolate should be cooled completely.

5.Now add the melted chocolate and coffee mixture and lightly fold it with the cream.

6.Take a shot glass and add the melted dark chocolate first,then add the cream-coffee-chocolate layer and lastly finish with melted chocolate layer.

7.Garnish with some dusted coco powder,grated chocolate and add an almond on the top of the mousse.

8.Repeat with other glasses.

9.Keep it in the refrigerate for at least 1-2 hours.

10.Once the mousse is set properly,serve it chilled.

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