Chicken Nuggets Sandwich & New Year resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!!!

So it’s 2017….A New year, and finally the time for New Year resolutions.So what’s your New year resolution??? It’s always easy to pick some resolution ,However at the end it’s extremely difficult to keep them.I generally believe in goals (or you can say I prefer to set a target)for each year and try to achieve them.It can be professional goals(such as job,career ) or personal goals(such as marriage,buying home,buying car and so on).To be honest I never ever set any resolutions for new year but this year I decided to go for it.I don’t want to change anything but just want to start focusing on few things and hope I can able to follow them throughout the year.
So here comes my 2017 to-do lists….

1.I will try to Balance My Life :
I’d like to balance on my personal and professional life.I will try to devote more quality time for my family and Loved once.At the same time I don’t want to neglect my work.
2.I want to Travel More:
I want to travel more than 2016.To be precise I want to visit my hometown at least twice this year and other than that probably want to go for  1-2 short trips.
3. I will try to Reduce stress:
My life is too hectic and to be honest stress is very common in our modern lifestyle.However I think most of my stress is due to my overthinking so I need get rid of it.Secondly I want to avoid /stay away from toxic/negative people as much as possible. I think this is the best way for a stress free and happier life.
Basically It’s an attempt for a better and happier life.Hope I will try to remember these things at the end of the year. 😛

Now coming to the post..It’s basically a very simple chicken nuggets sandwich recipe which can be enjoyed as breakfast or snack or even you have it as Brunch( like I prefer). This layered sandwich is ideal when you are short of time and it’s also great lunch box option.I have used venkey’s frozen chicken nuggets(Like I said it’s a quick recipe so I don’t want to complicate the recipe) but you can use homemade chicken nuggets or veg nuggets  as well.

So lets jump into the recipe with step by step pictures…..

The measurements is for 4 sandwich..
Frozen Chicken Nuggets (for each sandwich 2)
1/2 cup-olive/refine oil for deep frying the nuggets
6 pieces-Milk/whole wheat/brown Bread as per your choice(cut into 2 pieces)
Mayonnaise as needed
1 cheese cube-grated
Tomato Ketchup as needed
Few Fresh Lettuce leaves
1 Tomato – thinly sliced
1 onion – thinly sliced

Deep fry chicken nuggets till crispy and golden, drain and set aside.

Meanwhile slice the breads and lightly toast them in a pan or in toaster.

Take half of the bread and spread Mayonnaise.

Now take the rest of the half and spread tomato ketchup.

Then top it with lettuce,place nuggets and cover with one slice of bread.

Now put some grated cheese,then put tomato and onion slices and cover it with one more bread slice.

Serve with ketchup or green chutney.

I have used three slice of bread for each sandwich,It’s more like club sandwich.However if you want you can use two slice like normal sandwich.Even you can skip cheese considering the health factor.

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