Welcome to Weekndbites,One stop destination for FOOD,HOME DECOR & NAIL ART.

Hello all,this is Priyam Das,from Kolkata .I was born in Delhi and raised in Kolkata.After completing my graduation in BSc,I studied 3D Animation Programme.To pursue my professional career(In 3D Animation) I moved to Hyderabad in 2007 and finally settled here.Currently I am working with a Gaming company.

Now the question is Why I am into Blogging??

Well I am blogger by passion.I Have been Passionate about cooking since childhood.My Mom is a great cook and she is my inspiration.She tries new recipes often which I have seen as I grew up.From my school days I used to spend as much time as possible with my mother.Slowly and slowly I got interested in cooking and learnt a lot discussing with my Mom.  I always like to experiment with different tastes and textures, to create my own personal recipes.Specialty cooking have been always my passion for which I do experiment at times.But initially it was just a hobby and I used cook occasionally(any simple dish). However after moving to Hyderabad ,it became necessity.

            I realized it’s the high time for me to give it a fresh start and my culinary journey began.I used call my mom for the recipes and to clarify the doubts.Soon I found cooking is fun and relaxing too. After a hectic day of work, I was looking forward to cook something new for my own happiness. Day to day cooking eventually helped me to learn a lot .I became even more confident and Then I look forward further to the next step and created my blog in Jan,2014.This Blog is being created to share my passion with the world and enlarge the horizon.

But being a working women it’s not always possible to try/experiment new recipes and update my blog daily.To pursue my passion I make it a point to spend as much time as possible during the weekend from where “Weekndbites” idea came.
                      Weekndbites is mainly designed and focused on Food .But apart from Food I would love to share some of my DIY(Do it yourself),art and craft tutorials/ideas,Home decor and nail art too.
I hope that you will enjoy exploring my blog with me in the coming years….
Happy Cooking  🙂